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Welcome to Texas Sailing Association

With more than 40 member clubs, Texas Sailing Association works to promote and coordinate sailboat racing in Texas and across the southwest. As part of the US SAILING Association’s regional structure, TSA combines with Central States Sailing Association and Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes to form Area F, one of US SAILING’s geographic divisions.  Club representatives compete each year in TSA events for the right to continue on to Area and National championships. TSA also provides local access to US Sailing services, such as racing judges and the protest appeal process. Explore our site to learn more about Texas sailing events and programs. We hope you can join us on the water soon!

Texas Sailing Association Officers

TSA 2024 Officers

TSA Commodore : Jeff Brock

TSA Vice Commodore : Erin Progelhof

TSA Rear Commodore : Marie Wise

TSA Treasurer : Michael Younger

TSA Youth Co-chair : Shannon Galway (2023-2024 term)

TSA Youth Co-chair : Jay Cutcher (2024-2025 term)

TSA Web Site

TSA Web Address:  http://www.txsail.org


Area F Representatives

US Sailing Area F Coordinator: Jeffrey Progelhof

US Sailing Area F Jr. Championship Committee Representative (Sears/Bemis/Smythe): Jeff Brock

US Sailing Area F Singlehanded Championship Committee Representative (O’Day): Jeff Brock

US Sailing Appeals

TSA US Sailing Appeals Committee Representative:  Tony Nunes

See: US Sailing Appeals for contacts, process, and instructions for submitting an appeal.

Texas Sailing Association Articles and By-Laws