Texas Challenge Cup

The Texas Challenge Cup dates to 1986 when it was first held at TCYC.  That year, nine clubs competed on Solings.  The event was held by HYC and LYC over the following three years but was then not repeated until 2001 when it was resurrected.  By 2005, the event included clubs throughout Texas as well as FWBC, GBCA, HYC, LYC, and TCYC.  Sometime after, the tradition was paused again until 2021 when the invitational regatta was hosted at Lakewood Yacht Club. 

2024 at Lakewood Yacht Club

The 2024 Texas Challenge Cup will be October 5-6 at Lakewood Yacht Club on RS21s.

Invitational event open to Texas clubs.  Details in the NOR will remain one team per club and all crew to be members of that club.  

More details coming!

The 2023 Texas Challenge Cup podium:

Rush Creek Yacht Club, Lakewood Yacht Club, and Fort Worth Boat Club

2022 at Lakewood Yacht Club

2021 at Lakewood Yacht Club

The 2021 Texas Challenge Cup at Lakewood Yacht Club


In From Buffalo Bayou to Galveston Bay: The History of the Houston Yacht Club 2nd Edition (2008)

"The Texas Challenge Cup was started by TCYC in 1986. HYC won it that year with nine clubs competing in Solings. It went on for three years, hosted by HYC and LYC and then was not competed for again until it was resurrected in September of 2001 by LYC and HYC. HYC won the 2001 event which saw only the two clubs competing. It was limited to Club members and sailed in three PHRF Spinnaker classes, two PHRF Non-Spinnaker Classes and three Youth Classes. Since then, the event has been sailed every year. Since 2003 TCYC and GBCA have joined in the competition with TCYC taking home the trophy that year. In 2005 and 2006 Fort Worth Boat Club competed bringing back memories of the grand old rivalry FWBC enjoyed with HYC before and after World War II. GBCA captured the trophy in 2006 with HYC winning all the other years. The format has evolved through the years in an effort to keep the competition both fair and spirited."

The Texas Challenge Cup perpetual award in the GBCA clubhouse

Photo Credit: Jonathan Witt